New Horizon

Customer Requirement

Rebuild a website for a Christian ministry week event in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

We understood from the start that the site needed to work well on mobile and tablet devices. With so much happening during the event, and people travelling to and staying close by, it meant getting information on-the-go about activities, speakers, maps etc was very important.

In addition there was a large amount of planning before the event which required several long and very detailed forms to gather information about volunteers or young people attending the daily programmes. Gathering this information online is a huge time and resource saver.

The site also needed to communicate and link to all the social media accounts where traffic back and forth would be significant, and supported by regular emails updates.


We designed a site that had a clear drop down navigation because we wanted users to get to the content they wanted quickly. The homepage was also built to provide quick routes into the pages that were most appropriate at that time.

In previous years a handy guide was used to supply a lot of the event information – so we made it our mission to bring as much of that online too.

Overall the goals was to add as much information as possible and to make it as quick and easy to find what you are looking for.




Mobile View

How It’s Working

As well delivering an intuitive, fact-packed website, from a resource perspective the back-end strategy was instrumental in solving a traditionally painstaking task of gathering information.

The stats have been incredible, with thousands of people using the site each month, and several thousand each day during the event week itself. Perhaps the most notable statistic of all? During the event nearly 80% of visitors were from smartphones or tablets. Blimey.