Rosemary Works School


The Rosemary Works School website was built in the summer of 2015, and the Rosemary Works Early Years Centre (EYC) website was built a year later, in the summer of 2016.

For both projects we were supplied with the design, copy and graphics, alongside the simple brief of making it into a WordPress site that the client could update.


The priority for the Rosemary Works School website was to have LOTS of news, so this was going to take a priority on the homepage. In contrast, the EYC site only had static page content which wouldn’t change as often.

Each site was built in under two weeks and were perfect examples of how smoothly it can go if a great design has already been worked out and agreed with the client.

The sites benefit from great photographs of the children learning and playing, and well picked graphics for different pages and sections of the sites.

Mobile View

How it’s working

We have provided training and maintenance for both sites since they launched. We keep the sites’ core software up to date and backed up. The clients have been able to make almost all the changes to the sites themselves.

Rosemary Works Early Years Centre